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About Me

 Hello There!

     First and Foremost, Thank you very much with Great

Appreciation for visiting my Website. Please allow me to

Introduce myself. My name is Margaret LeBeuf and I was

Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba. My Child Hood in itself was

Different, That I was Born Deaf. In those days, Classes for

Children Born Deaf in Winnipeg had a long waiting list. So

our Family decided to moved to Vancouver, B.C. when I was

at the age of Nine. I got into a Vancouver School for the Deaf

And Hard of Hearing Children. When did I get Interested in

the Art of Handcraft Jewelry Making? I feel the interest and

Passion for Jewelry Making has always been inside of me. Like any Lifelong Interest, it requires that very first step, Every piece you see in my Collection begin with an Unique Inspiration within my Heart that Transends throughout my Soul. And Finally Crafted by my Hands with Patient and Attention to Detail. I feel every piece of Jewelry in my Collection is Unique, Distinctive and Wearable. My Collection can express a variety of styles that fits in a variety of special moments or just your everyday outings. I Hope you feel the same as I do as you Browse My Website. Once again Thank You for visiting My Website.

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